After 4 years I decided to change the intro to my website.

I continue to work as an organizational consultant and meets interesting people, but recently returned to work intensively in sports.

I am leading the Israeli  Olympic Committee Mental project , in the last three years I have managed 15 psychologists and mental coaches in Olympic and Paralympic sports in preparation for the Olympics in Rio 2016. Since the beginning of 2017 we will begin to prepare for the Olympics in Tokyo and build mentally prepared athletes and coaches for the Olympics in 2020. Since October last, I am teaching the practicum of the School of Sport psychology at  IDC Herzlya.

At the same time, together with Raanan Dagan and in cooperation with the IOC, we are building a team of psychologists and mental counselors that will give consulting services to sports associations, athletes, parents, coaches and sports institutions.

We have  a vision that there will be mental coach in each team and believe that in 8-12 years, in the Olympics of 2024 to 2028 we will have athletes with high mental strength, that would bring medals in several sports.

I went back to where my passion lies …….